Game Format
1. The tournament games will be played under the EMSA U9 rules.
2. The games are 25 minute halves with a 5 minute break in-between. The games must begin on time.

3. Home team is responsible for providing two (2) game balls - size 4 balls.

4. Please start and end your games on time.
5. We will proceed with play if it rains, but we will suspend play if lightning is close by. EMSA rules apply.
6. The referee decision is final

7. Coaches may not enter the field during the game unless injuries occur and the Referee calls you on the field.

8. Coaches are responsible for the behaviour of their team and spectators.

9. Players may substitute freely with referee's permission. The substitution occurs after a stoppage in play when the ball goes out of play. The player exiting the pitch, can leave anywhere.

10. Please remember our referees are young and have limited experience so your patience and respect is fully appreciated. This is a fun tournament where the kids are all winners no matter the score. The Referee's decisions are final and can not be appealed.

11. Off-side rule does not apply.

12. No red/yellow cards issued to U9 players. However, a player can be sent off for a cooling down period and a replacement is allowed.

13. All games will be played as scheduled, except in the case of thunder or lightning. The Referee has the right to suspend the match due to lightning or adverse weather conditions.

14. No Academy teams permitted to participate.

15. No tents or canopies are allowed at side of fields. There is not enough room to pitch the tent/canopy.

16. Please do not park in the Southminister-Steinhauer United Church parking lot as they have their own events scheduled for the day and need their lot available for their participants.